Crafts with Kids – Κατασκευές για το σχολείο

Μία συλλογή, playlist  με  50+  βίντεο διαφόρων απλών και εντυπωσιακών κατασκευών που μπορείτε να φτιάξετε με τα παιδιά σας ή για κατασκευές στο σχολείο

Λίστα Video της Playlist : Crafts with Kids | Κατασκευές για το σχολείο

The YouTube playlist 

  1. Bumpy Love Bug
  2. Groovy Glow Box
  3. Crayola® Model Magic® Presto Dots
  4. Friends and Family Photo Fun
  5. On-The-Go Octopus
  6. Together in T-Shirts
  7. CD Case Frame for Dad
  8. Mother’s Day Art-velopes
  9. Mom’s Perfect Purse
  10. Eggciting Table Toppers
  11. Signs of Spring Paper Quilt
  12. Wild March Wind Wheels
  13. Clothesline for a Valentine
  14. Crayola Bubble Prints
  15. Greetings 4 You
  16. Clothespin Clan
  17. Triarama Place Cards
  18. Giggling, Glowing Ghoulies
  19. Glow Board Trick or Treat
  20. Let in the Leaves
  21. Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush
  22. Crayola Illumination Station
  23. Crayola Hassle Free Water Colors
  24. Crayola Cutter
  25. Crayola Slick Stix
  26. Crayola Recoloritz
  27. Crayola Mix Ems
  28. Crayola Smart Pencil Project
  29. Crayola Pencil Holder
  30. Travel Games
  31. Crayola Summer Picnic Challenge
  32. Crayola Summer Breeze Spinners
  33. Crayola Model Magic Fusion Ideas
  34. Crayola Color Explosion White Ideas
  35. Crayola Color Explosion Ideas
  36. Crayola Cutter Ideas
  37. Crayola Crayon Ideas
  38. Crayola Color Surge Ideas
  39. Air Dry Clay Project Ideas
  40. Mother’s Day Craft Project
  41. Crayola Critters for Your Clubhouse
  42. Crayola Critter Clubhouse
  43. Easter Crafts – Eggciting Game
  44. Easter Craft Project – Eggciting Eggs
  45. Crayola Science Fair Project
  46. Crayola Gift Bag Craft
  47. Crayola Ornaments Craft
  48. Crayola Color Surge Project
  49. Crayola Color Surge Project
  50. Crayola Holiday Card
  51. Crayola Color Science 2
  52. Crayola Color Science
  53. Crayola Valentine’s Craft
  54. Craft Projects for Kids : Ways To Cut Up T-Shirts
  55. Crafting Ideas for Kids : How to Make Scrunchies

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